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The Alabay was spread over a large territory reaching from the Caspian Sea over to China and from the Southern Ural to Afghanistan.
Where did it originate though? The blood of the Tibetan wolf runs in his veins. Only a wolf can fight a wolf.
And the Alabay is the only dog with fangs like a wolf, sharp on their backside, and the only dog who instinctively knows how to get the wolf.
Passed on from one namadic trible to the next, he interbred and genetically is also close to the Mongolian sheep dog, Tibetan mastiff, the Afghan. In Western Europe the ...

"Discovery" Magazine autumn/2003

"Perfectly amazing picture of movement of the Asian sheep-dog. This perfectly especial position of a metatarsus which gives such softness. Really noiseless, cat's run! Such gait Nik-Han possesses, ow. Khegay S., Tashkent. Nik-Han has startle not only movement. Completely deprived roughnesses, correct lines a head of the alabay. Absolutely quiet eyes, as well as the general behaviour.
Any pugnacity, but at the same time full concentration on occuring events. Impression, that the dog is chained to the owner.

Any acceleration of movement of the owner passes in a dog as transfer...
The absolute balance of movements at once has made a dog in the leader. Impression of a manageable young lion..."

Magazine "Sobachee Delo" № 6-7/2000


"The Best Representative of Breed, CHAMPION NCB SАО and IC SАО


Inform SАО №7

... ... Really 2000 became triumphal. He was marked by several victories of Nik-Han over kennel "Royal Gift of Asia". At the international exhibition " Semirechee 2000 " in Almaty he became the Best Representative of Breed, and at the international monobreed exhibition "Asiatic - 2000" in Moscow has won the Main Cup of a Millenium...


Magazine "PressTIJ"

Our dogs in the book

"Central Asian Ovcharka. Myths. A reality. Prospects"

Magazine "Drug" № 6, 2000
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